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General Contracting and Subcontractor Services

MEC Construction Inc.and MEC Drywall, Paint & Plastering specializes in performing the framing and drywall work for General Contractors on Retail Spaces, Tenant upfits, repair and upgrade of commercial buildings and residential buildings. We specialize in Architectural components, but are not limited to walls, ceilings and exterior facades, special shapes, GFRG, FRP, Stucco, and etc. Create an incredible ceiling with soffits, light troffs, designer ceilings, and metal ceilings. Want a sound wall,, we can install one layer of sound board that will equal 8 layers of drywall in STC tests and provides a firerating equal to 5/8 " Type X firecode sheetrock. We also can provide finishes with inside and outside corners that do not crack and actually have earthquake ratings. You will not be disappointed with the finishes that are way above typical standards. We offer competitive pricing for all of our work.

Commercial Renovations, Repairs, and Remodeling:

  • Carpentry Services
  • Drywall & Painting Specialists
  • Tenant Build Outs
  • Office Rework & Additions
  • Remove or Relocate Doors
  • Remove or Add Walls
  • Build Bigger Offices
  • Soundproof Offices

We Use Environmental Green Products for Our Services!

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